Objectified by Gary Hustwit

It’s about what goes into product design. How can it’s function go into it’s aesthetic and vice versa? What extreme is the demographic? What features help or hinder the product’s function? Factors like that. It also talks about the evolution of product design. Unlike the spoon or a chair, someone who has never seen and iPhone before will have no idea how it works.

I’m not that interested in product design or things like that so there were times in the video where I had no clue what they were talking about. Even more so when spanish subtitles overlapped the english ones during the german/french/dutch/japanese interviews. Luckily Ich speakst deutche. So I was able to understand what the guy was saying. The other interviews that weren’t in english, might as well have been speaking greek.Though even when I did find a version with no spanish subtitles. They still lost me at certain points.

I have a feeling that tells me that we’re going to get a product design project and I know I’m going to struggle with it because I don’t think like these product designers.


About DamianTichenor

I am an animation major at Alfred State College
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