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Illustrated journal

Art Challenge: draw with makeup!   I have done something similar to this before (hand drawn with black nail polish) and it came out nowhere near this good. Advertisements

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5 7 5

  I used 5 frames to show why the electoral college was made, 7 frames to show the jump through time and another 5 to show how our founding fathers screwed the US over in the long run. The main … Continue reading

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Chair pre-critique

I just need to take care of some minor things such as the 3 stripes in the top right corner and fix the shadow. Other than that I think it came out well.

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Man vs Nature

It’s 5 frames of Nature, 7 city frames and another 5 nature frames. It’s meant to symbolize how quickly humanity has changed the world. A once beautiful nature scenery is now a bustling and polluted city.

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Paper cutout stop motion animation

I tried to make sillouhette puppets but the construction paper was too thick for the light-box to shine through so I made lemonade out of lemons. The story is how a disagreement among liberals caused a Trump presidency and the … Continue reading

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