Portfolio Review

I was absent due to sickness and my macbook pro self-destructing to the point not even the Help Desk can help me. Thus I don’t know exactly how many pieces we need so I picked the ones I liked the best.

This is the Chair done in charcoal. I chose to do a close up of the chair’s corners because I liked the sheet’s folds there. What I like about it is the soft shading and excellent forms. The corner folds bother me because of how muddy it looks but it’s a subtle muddiness.


This is Nature vs Man glitch gif. This shows how nature is being taken over my man. Made using Photoshop and Audacity. What I like about it is the smoothness in the glitch. I don’t like how short it is though.


This is my own personal project. there’s an internet phenomenon called Inktober, where every October, artists would post online their ink drawings. This was my contribution, I was seeing what different Micron Pens would do. I’m pleased with the shading on this skull. I wish the eye sockets were more consistently scaled. I also would’ve put this into photoshop to erase the pencil lines if I still had my macbook.


This is my big D. As much as I hate how cheesy the burnt edges look, I do love everything else. My favorite part about this is the chinese lettering within the D. 2 years of Mandarin in HS were worth it. The bright color scheme also works for this piece too.





About DamianTichenor

I am an animation major at Alfred State College
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