When reading the assignment, I though we had to draw self portraits based on the artist’s style since copying is usually frowned upon.


The reason this is my 2nd attempt at drawing a self portrait in Al Hirschfeld’s style is because there was a 1st attempt that looks like a total monstrosity (Not that this is any better to be honest). The way he draws hair is very wiry but he didn’t draw people with different color hair so I had to combine how he drew blonde hair with how he drew dark hair. I forgot that he draws eyes as dots connected to the eyebrows and realize that I should’ve done that.


There is no excuse for this. He draws his work in a version of realism. I can’t do it at realism at all. When I did the google search for “Famous caricature artists” he was one of the first I saw so I figured that I might as well attempt it.


Kenneth Branagh’s style was more cartoon-like and thus I thought it would work better for me. This is my favorite attempt to be honest since it actually does look similar to the original artist’s work. His style is the defining one of caricature with the small body/huge head proportion and the exaggerated features. I wasn’t really sure what to exaggerate since when I look at myself, I have a lot of flaws/oddities to point out yet overall my face is average and if I tried to exaggerate anything I would just look like I’m reaching.


Here’s my 1st design for my final caricature. I looked at all my flaws and tried to come up with a design with all of those glaring flaws and make it more personal.

Of course I gave myself a large head since it is a caricature and my normal head is pretty big. I might make the hat smaller to convey that.

I also have bushy eyebrows. I don’t particularly see them as flaws but it is something noticeable so I exaggerated them. I also have big doe eyes so I exaggerated them to the point where it’s almost anime. I also have long eyelashes on those big eyes so I exaggerated them so they’re as long as the hairs on my head. Under my eyes are large gucci eyebags. I always joke that my eyebags are so fabulous that they must be from gucci. So I added the logo for a comedic effect. I made my nose tiny because of how insignificant my little button nose is.

I made my lips extra big because that’s how they feel to me. People often think I’m wearing lipstick and other lip enhancing products and it annoys me to the point I wish they were thinner, paler and less pouty-looking. I have always had weird teeth growing up. My first adult teeth were my canines which made me look like I had fangs for most of my childhood. I might enlarge those to make it look like I’m saber-toothed or just keep them as fangs, I don’t really know. I feel as though my fangs are just a significant part of me that I have to add them. I also have a bit of an overbite with a slight gap between my two front teeth. While braces did make it better, I still think it would be funny to poke fun at if I exaggerate it.

Another trait I have is a double chin. I hate having one but I decided to give myself a quadruple chin to exaggerate it.

The chinese characters on my shirt show my interest in foreign (usually asian, not because of yellow fever but because I’m a nerd) culture and I did take chinese in high school so I figured might as well put “loser” in chinese on the shirt since I can’t think of what else to put there.

To Connie: Is this still all black and white or is color allowed? Is there a specific kind of paper and size you want? you want this in ink right? Did I exaggerate too much? Too little? Is it normal to be this self-conscious after making a self portrait? Am I overthinking this?


About DamianTichenor

I am an animation major at Alfred State College
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