This is my wood/clay/wire marionette. Her concept is my half-elf character from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign where she’s locked inside a prison for armed robbery and is trying to escape from said prison. I chose her for my design because I already had a design for her which saved time, especially since I couldn’t work on her for a week due to influenza.

I had some issues with sculpting the face, stringing her and her limbs kept falling off. I didn’t have enough money to buy cloth and not enough time to sculpt/bake clothes, so I used paper towels as a substitute. It works because as a prisoner, she’s not gonna be wearing Gucci and walking down a runway anytime soon. That’s also why I chose to not paint the face in a way that would make her look pretty. She doesn’t have colorful lips or outlined eyes because she’s in prison and not gonna doll herself up.

I originally intended to have her be completely blonde with slightly orange undertones but the orange was to strong and it made a cool look.



About DamianTichenor

I am an animation major at Alfred State College
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