Te Wei: animation final project.


Te Wei was a chinese animator who would use paint and ink to make distinctly chinese animated films. How I used his techniques onto my cel animation? I mainly used acrylic paint because it dried the best way on the cel and I sparingly used ink on the characters much like mr. Te himself. If you would like to know more about him, I have a whole research paper on him. in one of my earlier WordPress posts. Just use the tag “Te Wei”.

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Portfolio Review

I was absent due to sickness and my macbook pro self-destructing to the point not even the Help Desk can help me. Thus I don’t know exactly how many pieces we need so I picked the ones I liked the best.

This is the Chair done in charcoal. I chose to do a close up of the chair’s corners because I liked the sheet’s folds there. What I like about it is the soft shading and excellent forms. The corner folds bother me because of how muddy it looks but it’s a subtle muddiness.


This is Nature vs Man glitch gif. This shows how nature is being taken over my man. Made using Photoshop and Audacity. What I like about it is the smoothness in the glitch. I don’t like how short it is though.


This is my own personal project. there’s an internet phenomenon called Inktober, where every October, artists would post online their ink drawings. This was my contribution, I was seeing what different Micron Pens would do. I’m pleased with the shading on this skull. I wish the eye sockets were more consistently scaled. I also would’ve put this into photoshop to erase the pencil lines if I still had my macbook.


This is my big D. As much as I hate how cheesy the burnt edges look, I do love everything else. My favorite part about this is the chinese lettering within the D. 2 years of Mandarin in HS were worth it. The bright color scheme also works for this piece too.




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I woke up and when I went on my mac, it was doing this! It was fine last night and I put it under my bed so no one stepped on it. I don’t know why it turned into glitch art and I am freaking out!

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Turning Traditional into Modern

te-wei this is the link to my research paper on the cel animator, Te Wei.


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Illustrated journal

Art Challenge: draw with makeup!


I have done something similar to this before (hand drawn with black nail polish) and it came out nowhere near this good.

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5 7 5



I used 5 frames to show why the electoral college was made, 7 frames to show the jump through time and another 5 to show how our founding fathers screwed the US over in the long run.

The main reason electoral college was made because the founding fathers thought the american people weren’t educated enough to pick a president that’s right for them. It’s why candidates that win the popular vote can still not become president. Just like Clinton vs Trump election in 2016.

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Chair pre-critique


I just need to take care of some minor things such as the 3 stripes in the top right corner and fix the shadow. Other than that I think it came out well.

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Man vs Nature


It’s 5 frames of Nature, 7 city frames and another 5 nature frames. It’s meant to symbolize how quickly humanity has changed the world. A once beautiful nature scenery is now a bustling and polluted city.

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Paper cutout stop motion animation

I tried to make sillouhette puppets but the construction paper was too thick for the light-box to shine through so I made lemonade out of lemons. The story is how a disagreement among liberals caused a Trump presidency and the destruction of the US. I Tried to slow down the animation to make the text more readable but AfterEffects (I don’t have enough money for premiere and I already had AfterEffects). So here it is: Vote Hillary or we’re all doomed!


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Sandy put my poster for her class in the display case.


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